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Veronica Tharmalingam

Two cultures, one vision. Veronica Tharmalingam was born in Chennai, in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. She is the great great grand-daughter of Rani Mangammal, Warrior Queen of ancient Madurai, who spawned a lineage of independent and free-spirited women.

Although always facing expectations set upon them by Indian society, the women in Veronica’s family were never bound by it. While respectful of their heritage, they have also always made it their own, by crafting their unique voice with the tools at their disposal. Veronica, like her mother, grand-mother, great grand-mother and great great grand-mother before her, took the essence of Indian cultural values while doing away with the social constraints that limited them as women. And her ancestors before, just like Veronica today, always expressed this sense of freedom through the way they carried themselves in the world, driven and artful, grounded and tasteful, wisely determined and boldly elegant.

Tharmalingam is the Indian name which carries the richness and texture of Veronica’s ancestral Indian roots. Veronica is the name she chose for herself when she moved to France at age 12. Veronica Tharmalingam, beyond the woman carrying the name, became the name of the brand itself. It is an encapsulation of the duality of Veronica’s mixed heritage, built on both a solid Indian cultural legacy, and on the life choices she made to craft her own and unique individuality.

From The Woman To The Brand

Veronica Tharmalingam, the brand, is the product of Veronica’s own story, a lively patchwork of colors and textures wrought in a blend of Indian boldness and of French sophistication. Layered, yet refined.

Her handbags distill the spirit, visual style and heritage of each generation of women in Veronica’s family. Every design, every color, every thread and seam carry their unique art de vivre, a singular sense of beauty, composition and harmony, respectful of traditions, but unbound by conventions. These bags are more than an evening accessory: they are an ode to those singular female voices.

Veronica’s vision for her brand is to empower every woman to cultivate her uniqueness beyond her own past and heritage. Her bags are a symbol for women to find and nurture the graceful authority and the regal elegance that exists within themselves and is reminiscent of Veronica’s fierce and royal ancestor. To own a Veronica Tharmalingam handbag is to dare to express this inner warrior queen every day, every night, with class, authenticity, confidence and style.