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The Materials

A reinterpretation of traditional Indian fashion, Veronica Tharmalingam’s bags are a bridge between tradition and modernism, between family heritage and individuality. The compositions of colors, textiles and beads, both elaborate and refined, pay homage to Indian traditional style, while incorporating a contemporary flavor.

The raw silk used to make the bags is used in India for important life events and is traditionally associated with royalty. It comes from the small city of Kanchipuram in the southern state of Tamil Nadu and is sourced in the outskirts of Mumbai with the rest of the fabrics needed for the bags.

Because the fabrics are locally sourced, each collection is season-dependent, each year brings different original prints, making every bag unique and singular. These variations embody a culture in constant renewal and the collections remain bound together by the use of royal blue, a reference to India’s majestic bird: Peacock.

Our Savoir Faire and Atelier

The collections are handmade in a 5-person workshop in the outskirts of Mumbai, where thousands of years of traditional savoir-faire are used to craft every fabric, every thread, every pearl, and every seam, each bag is created as a unique and exclusive piece of art.

Behind the silk, the beads, the seams, each bag celebrates an ancient royal family heritage, embodied by the unique and unconventional generations of women who inherited it, and kept it alive.