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Care Card

Veronica Tharmaligam products are handmade with expert precision and crafted with care.

We advise against using any foreign substances or cleaning products that are not adapted to Veronica Tharmalingham materials.

Do not attempt to repair more serious damage yourself.

Consult a Veronica Tharmalingam specialist for further care suggestions.


To optimise the longevity of your premium bags, we recommend that you fill your bag without reaching capacity to best protect the chain fasteners, zips and clasps.

Always store within the original dust bag. Pad it with tissue paper to keep the shape. Place the chains inside the tissue paper within the bag to avoid marking the leather.

For an extended life, we suggest caring for your natural raw silks by avoiding water damage, grease, perfume, makeup and prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight.


Precious metals and natural stones can be preserved for many years with simple care. Protect each unique piece of jewelry by removing it when swimming, showering, exercising or applying cosmetics to minimise the natural oxidation process.

As a precautionary measure, we suggest minimising jewelry from being in close contact with each other to avoid unwanted scratches and marks.

To clean, gently buff with a soft organic cotton cloth or pouch.

Store each piece within its respective pouch or carefully displayed on a jewelry stand when not in use to preserve its original beauty and fine metals.