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Maldives Meets Chennai: An Underwater Discovery of Precious Gems

Maldives Meets Chennai: An Underwater Discovery of Precious Gems

When you think of dreamy honeymoon skies and luxury water villas, only one destination comes to mind. The Maldives is just three hours by plane from my hometown Chennai, but somehow it felt strikingly familiar and yet worlds away.

A wanderlust’s paradise, the Maldives lives up to its prestigious reputation and unrivaled serenity. It’s the kind of tranquility that sends even the most-stressed female-founder into a state of absolute bliss within minutes of arrival.

As a mother of two, this kind of peace can be hard to come by, but under the limitless sunshine, anything felt possible. I snorkeled in breathtakingly clear turquoise oceans and marveled at the rainbows of the coral reef. Such vibrant colors left a residue of shapes, patterns and ideas that remained with me long after I returned to Los Angeles.

Engulfed by the immensity of the Indian Ocean that lined my Childhood shores, I was reminded of exactly who I am and where I come from. This ocean holds a special place in my heart and called me home…



As I soaked up the sights of coral rich reds, pearlescent whites and greens in every hue, I awakened familiar memories of Chennai city skylines.

My childhood in India was immersed with rich reds, deep oranges, velvet purples and striking magenta that lined twilight skies in the most magical view. These hues are reminiscent of my great great grandmother Rani Mangammal, a royal heir and one of the strongest women I know.

Swimming through the Indian Ocean once again, I began to envision the latest jewelry collection for the Veronica Tharmalingam brand. Inspired by the ocean, the shapes of each earring and necklace were designed to evoke the gentle and mesmerizing movements of the corals in the water. Each piece is aptly named from Corals and reflects the shells formed in the depths of the Indian Ocean.

This collection is dedicated to the underwater life of coral reefs and sunsets in the Maldives that mirror my childhood experiences of Chennai.



Andhi, meaning dusk in Tamil, is ensconced in a gold circle within a circle that embodies the pattern of PHI, the spherical shape of nature's beauty. Delicate droplets of clear crystal and pink gems and a balanced contrast to this statement earring. 


Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty, is a delicate adornment of tassel pendants linked with white mother of pearls and flecks of rich magenta. 


Astrea,  meaning star in Italian, is inspired by a shell that mirrors the pattern of the ornate clasp. A mesmerizing kaleidoscope of pink and gold  enchants the wearer and carries the gold bell adorned with pink pearl droplets beautifully. 


Gowri, one of the many names of Goddess Parvathi is also my late mother's name and inspired by a shell known as Cowrie. The necklace stands proudly in a domed crown that houses a triage of contrasting colors for a spectacular and unique fusion.


Nepthya is the Goddess of air and is also a coral reef. Much like coral itself these earrings are both delicate and powerful, not easily grasped but stunning to behold, leaving an everlasting impression on all  who witness such beauty.


Favia is a flirty and youthful piece meaning ‘bean grower’ in Latin, and also a coral reef formation found in Maldives. This piece embodies an ecosystem that is full of life, and flourishes organically into shapes that stretch beyond the naked eye.


Olivia, both an olive tree and a coral, dangles in delicacy with fine threads that connect exquisite red droplets like fruits. This unique design is both peaceful and extravagant, like the wearer. 


Sayana, another coral, also means supreme God. With multicolored emerald greens and vibrant fuchsias that line intricate gold details this earring set is designed to reveal your inner queen. 

The collection is an embodiment of my rich culture, with an assortment of tropical colors that transport the wearer back to this magical place.


Check out the complete Maldives Collection HERE >

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