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The Vision of Veronica Tharmalingam

In today's fashion, luxury is about making sustainable and ethical choices. Veronica Tharmalingam leads this movement, blending style, functionality, and sustainability in her handbags and jewelry. With the rise of vegan leather, her products offer a perfect fusion of elegance and responsibility, making every purchase a statement of style and conscience.

Style Meets Sustainability

Innovative - Versatile Design

From the elegant crossbodies to the chic clutches, our designs seamlessly adapt to every facet of your life, embodying the essence of modern luxury.

Within every bag lies a symphony of thoughtful details: hooks that transform a crossbody into a clutch, pouches designed for the safekeeping of your essentials, and discreet back zips for effortless access to your treasures.


But practicality doesn't take a backseat to style. Even our smallest bags are expertly crafted to hold all your essentials, proving that luxury can be both glamorous and functional.

Premium Quality Vegan Leather

Exquisite Vegan Leather

Our commitment to sustainability does not compromise on luxury. The vegan leather used in Veronica Tharmalingam’s handbags is of the highest quality, offering durability and a premium finish that rivals traditional leather. 

Limited Edition pieces

Exclusive Designs

Veronica Tharmalingam’s collections are not mass-produced; they are exclusive, limited-edition pieces that enhance their desirability. Owning a VT piece is akin to possessing a one-of-a-kind treasure, where each handmade creation bears its own distinctive charm—variations in seams, jewels, patterns, cuts, and more ensure that no two pieces are alike. 


We use raw silk, a durable and organic material traditionally used for special occasions in India such as weddings and birthdays. By sourcing only what is readily available in the market, we support sustainable practices and avoid producing raw silk specifically for our brand. Each season, I carefully select patterns and colors that reflect the unique raw silk creations available, resulting in slight variations that make every piece distinct and unique.

Made For Any Style

Styling for Every Occasion

Veronica Tharmalingam handbags are designed to be versatile, making them suitable for any occasion. Whether you're attending a formal event or enjoying a casual outing, our bags seamlessly complement your outfit. 

Fashion with a Cause

Commitment to Social Causes

Veronica Tharmalingam is not just a brand; it’s a mission-driven enterprise dedicated to making a positive impact. We donate 30% of our profits to social causes such as combating child abuse and supporting artisans. This commitment not only elevates the brand but also ensures that each purchase contributes to meaningful change.

Naomi, Limited Edition Handcrafted Pochette


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Own Your Piece of Sustainable Luxury 

Explore the Veronica Tharmalingam collection today and discover how you can own a piece of sustainable luxury. Each purchase is not only an investment in timeless elegance but also a step towards a more ethical fashion industry.

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